About Us

What is Roadside Assistance Stockton?

Roadside Assistance Stockton is a licensed vendor of towing and roadside assistance services in Stockton. We only work with seasoned specialists from across the local area: they operate cutting-edge tow trucks designed to transport any vehicle safely, even heavy-duty buses and RVs. They also have access to the latest tools, so they’re equipped for any type of road emergency.

Our network of experienced affiliates is always on hand to tow your vehicle, provide trustworthy roadside assistance, and deliver reliable auto locksmith solutions. We serve all brands of cars, trucks, and motorcycles — whatever you drive, our affiliates can handle it.

What Services Does Roadside Assistance Stockton Offer?

You can contact Roadside Assistance Stockton for a range of towing services in an emergency, including motorcycle towing, private property towing, heavy-duty towing, and flatbed towing. Never try towing a vehicle by yourself: you could damage both vehicles and waste time.

Our team works with domestic and commercial customers across Stockton, from couriers who need to refuel their trucks to parents taking their kids to school. But not all emergencies can be solved by a tow truck — and that’s where our roadside assistance solutions come in. They’re ideal if you need a battery replacement, a delivery of gas to refill your empty tank or a flat tire change.

But what if you lock yourself out of your car or truck? Don’t try to force your way in our affiliates will help you get back into your vehicle safely and securely. They’re highly trained to deliver auto locksmith services of the highest standard and can unlock your car doors, open your trunk, remove broken ignition keys, and more.

Don’t try to replace your own tires or walk along a busy road to find the nearest gas station. Just get in touch with Roadside Assistance Stockton and leave it to us instead.

What Can You Expect When You Choose Roadside Assistance Stockton?

Roadside Assistance Stockton operates 24/7 for the most convenient towing, roadside help, and auto locksmith solutions in the local area. Our office is also open on holidays, and our team is happy to offer a competitive upfront quote for all our services at any time.

We pick the affiliates in our network carefully to ensure an unbeatable customer experience: they’re certified, with extensive training and hands-on experience in various services. As they’re local to Stockton, they have in-depth knowledge of the area and will get to you quickly whenever you call.